Terms & Conditions

Last updated: September 18, 2022

Please read the following conditions as they form basis of your contract with SQ Tourism. By confirming your booking, we assume that you have had the opportunity to read the booking conditions and agreed on them.

Booking & Payment Details

  1. To make a booking, please follow the procedure shown on our website or ask for an offline application form. All online requests will be processed within 24 hrs after submission. Application forms should be completed by each person travelling. However, applicants below the age of 18 must have their forms signed by a parent or guardian.
  2. To get back to you shortly, urgent applications can also be submitted via WhatsApp as its considered our main communication mode.
  3. We accept various payment methods from cash payments to all major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card… etcs.
  4. Full payment will be prior receiving service confirmation. If, for any reason, the balance is not received, we reserve the right to consider that you’ve cancelled you booking.
  5. Once the payment is done, you will receive a confirmation slip by email.

Cancellations/Amendments Policies & Procedures

  1. Every tour or hotel has its own cancellation policies. Make sure to inquire and read about the cancellation policies with respect to your tour package. For cancellation of any of your reservations, make sure to notify us by an email/WhatsApp to immediately proceed with your request and to provide you with the applied cancellation fees, if any. SQ Tourism is not held responsible for any cancellation that has not been received from you or confirmed by us.
  2. Tourist Visa fees is not refundable once payment is done.
  3. If you fail to show up for the trip, no refunds can be provided. Similarly, no rescheduling is allowed for confirmed trips, visas, or other related services.
  4. Changes to your confirmed trip can be considered depending on your booking and availabilities; however, some charges may be associated with those changes. Amendment fee, if any, will be according to the booking policy and we will charge for extra costs involved in additional or alternative services. A change in dates may be considered as a cancellation of the original booking and rebooking or as a direct amendment, depending on the booking policy.
  5. Itinerary amendments may be adhered based on adverse weather or road conditions. Your itinerary will likely be the same in content, as far as possible. We’re held responsible to announce any changes in your itinerary before departure.
  6. In a case of any force majeure, neither the first party nor the second party shall be liable for any nonperformance or interruption or delay in performance hereunder caused by acts of God, strikes, labor disputed, fires or any major action.


Travel Insurance and Documents


  1. All trips must be accompanied by and adequate travel insurance that will cover medical expenses. Thus, SQ Tourism is not held responsible for any accident outcomes such as illness, injury, or loss of personal baggage.
  2. Every guest is held accountable for ensuring that his/her carriers all relevant documents such as passport or a valid ID card. In case of loss or lack of any relevant documents, no refund can be provided. Passengers are encouraged to inquire about required entry requisites before their trip.

Hotel Accommodation & Check-in/Check-out Policy

  1. If we fail, for any reason, to accommodate you in your preferred hotel, we will ensure to provide you with an alternative accommodation that fulfills your budget and standards.
  2. Make sure to go over your hotel’s check-in and check-out policies.
  3. SQ tourism is not held responsible for late or early check-in and check-out requests.


  1. If you experience any problems or complains during your trip, you may directly contact us and our agent will endeavor to settle things up. In the unlikely event that a complaint is not resolved, you must write to us within 14 days of returning home, giving your booking information and details of you complain.
  2. SQ Tourism ensures to provide information to the best of its knowledge, whether orally or in writing.

Website, social media, & WhatsApp Usage Restrictions

  1. All logos, trademarks, and information displayed on our official accounts are officially possessed by SQ Tourism.
  2. Users are prohibited modifying, selling, transmitting, publishing, licensing, or displaying any content available on our online sites and accounts for commercial or public purposes.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

  1. Any dispute or claim that may arise will be governed by the UAE federal law.